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Seasonals & Specials

We focus on these and limited releases in our monthly Waves

Learn as you drink

Each Wave features diverse beer styles from a single brewery

Craft beer lovers pooring a beer in a glass
More beer for buck
Diverse beer styles. Experience a little of everything the brewery has to offer
Get the full story
Really get into every brewery's story and range of offerings
Reduced carbon footprint
Beers go directly to you from breweries than take unnecessary detours.

Anticipated Brewery Line-up

Subscription Plans

✓  Curated selection focussed on seasonals & specials
✓  Includes free shipping in the Netherlands
✓  Flexible subscription - pause or cancel anytime

Discovery Plan
€39 monthly
Diverse beer styles. Experience a little of everything the brewery has to offer
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€49 monthly
Get additional beers on top of Discovery, most of the time more premium and exclusive brews
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Light Beers Plan
€39 monthly
When you prefer only light styles like IPA, blonde, weizen, wheat beer, saison
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How do you select the beers?

We carefully curate a selection of beers from top and interesting Dutch breweries. Our team of experts ensures that each month's box features a variety of styles and flavors to provide a unique tasting experience.

How is shipping handled?

We offer free shipping within the Netherlands for all our subscription plans. Your craft beer box will be delivered straight to your doorstep at the start of each month. New beers on auto-pilot? Yes please!

We also ship to Belgium, Germany and France for a few more euros

How can I manage my subscription?

Log in to your account and you'll have full control over your plan. Change your subscription plan,  delivery address, or pause/cancel your subscription anytime.

What are the pricing plans?

We offer three pricing plans: Discovery, Light beers only, and our premium PLUS plan. The Discovery and Light beers only plans are priced at 39 euros per month, while the premium PLUS plan is priced at 49 euros per month.

Still have questions?

Reach out to our customer support team We're here to help!

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I absolutely love the variety of craft beers. It's the best gift (from myself) that I look forward to each month!

Jeroen van der V.

Beerlover, 4-year Beernami Subscriber

Still very satisfied with my Beernami subscription. And the customer service is very attentive, a response always follows very quickly.

Hidde O.

Craft Beer Lover, 4-year Beernami Subscriber

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We are a team of craft beer enthusiasts.

John Doe

John is dedicated to creating unique and flavorful craft beers that delight our subscribers.

Jane Smith
Quality Control

Jane ensures that every beer we include in our monthly boxes meets our high standards of quality.

Mark Johnson
Marketing Specialist

Mark promotes our craft beer subscription service and helps us reach new customers.

Sarah Davis
Customer Support

Sarah provides exceptional customer support and ensures our subscribers have a great experience.

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