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20 euro cash back deal

OK this is the deal. You create an account with the best online banking partner out there, you get the best beer we can find and to top it off we'll send you another 20 euros.  

What should you do

Step 1: Create an account with N26

Step 2: Register with Beernami

Step 3: Send an email to us that you have done step 1 & 2



  • You are not yet a customer of N26

  • Use the exact same name and email at N26 and Beernami

N26_Transaction List_ENEU (1) (1).jpg

What is Beernami?

A monthly craft beer subscription that focuses on local seasonals, specials, one-offs and limited editions . Chances are therefore that you will get beers that you haven't had yet!  #supportyourlocals #alwayssurprising


  • Every month 10 new beers, diverse styles from all over the Netherlands

  • No repeats and no fillers

  • Always a chance of nice surprises in your box, like brewery glasses


  • Ask us right away in the live chat 

  • Mail us at: - we always respond within 24 hours, usually faster

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