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🎁 The Craft Beer Gift Guide

You are looking for a nice gift for a real beer lover. In this overview we help you make the perfect choice.

Several months

Prepaid rides

There's nothing better than a recurring gift! We send the new Wave every month for as long as you want.  

Perfect for

  • A lasting impression

  • Retirement beer

  • A 3, 6 or 12 month subscription that stops automatically

12 month pre-paid plan-min.jpg

A ton of beer

The Ultra Wave

Quality and  quantity do go hand in hand with the Beernami Epic Waves.  

Perfect for

  • A super big gift

  • Maximum volume

  • Big discount

Beer Gift Card

Give the choice

Give the space to order what the recipient wants and when it suits.

Perfect for

  • When you actually don't know

  • Someone who wants to decide for themselves

  • If the fridge is still full

Beernami Gift Card-min.png
Beernami Wave 22 zoom-min.png

Exact choice

Choose a Wave

Leave nothing to chance and find a wave where you know exactly what's in it.


Perfect for

  • Experienced beer selectors

  • You definitely want to know what you give

  • Special moments

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