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Beernami Treasure Chest 2020

Pearls we found while braving the Waves. This rare treasure chest only appeared when all 12 jewels were found.

beernami schatkist 1 - grom orgasmatron.

1. Grom Orgasmastron

Lightning Brewery  |  13%  BA Russian Imperial Stout

A tribute to one of the world's greatest heavy metal legends: Lemmy Kilmister from Mötorhead. A thick Russian imperial stout aged in Jack Daniel's casks - Lemmy's favorite Tennesee Whiskey. You can toast together on December 28 on Lemmy's death day (5 years ago). There is only a limited edition of this beer.


Volume: 950L


2.  L'Ensemble di Montalcino

The Ear of Corn's Daughter  |  13% Barleywine aged on Red Wine Barrels

The barley-wine L'Ensemble is aged for approximately 1 year in Brunello barrels. Extra maturation and infusion of red wine and tannins from the wood ensure a powerful and very balanced barley wine that can compete with the better (red) wines. A class act.



Rigters Hoka no Min'na.png

Hoka No Min'na

Judges  |  12.5% Export Stout  aged  on Japanese Whiskey Barrels

Thick, full and silky soft, this topper is aged for 6 months on Japanese whiskey barrels (formerly bourbon). It is so thick that you get chopsticks from the brewer to drink it properly.


Volume: 900L

beernami schatkist - Ebontree x Solaes -

Ne REGRETTE De RYEN - 1 Year PX Barrel Aged

Ebontree x Solaes Brewery  |  9% Rye Wine aged on PX Sherry Barrels

This rye beer was created in collaboration with Ebontree and has long since sold out. Some of it has been put in Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels and allowed to mature for a year. The result is a very complex beer, where the pronounced rye taste is beautifully balanced with notes of sherry, raisins and oak. This beer is brewed once and therefore very limited availability.


Volume: 200L

beernami schatkist zoltan buffalo trace


Van Moll |  11% Imperial Stout aged on Buffalo Trace Barrels

Zoltan Buffalo Trace was named “Best beer in the Netherlands” in 2019 by Ratebeer. This excellent beer is part of the Zoltan line, Imperial Stout, which is always put in different barrels.


Volume: 1,000L

Kompaan Barrel Boutique (variant of 2019

Barrel Boutique

Companion x Het Anker |  14% BA Imperial Stout

After 12 months maturing in the exclusive Gouden Carolus Single Malt whiskey & bourbon barrels, this imperial stout has become an absolute gem. Kompaan and Het Anker were the few breweries that got access to these barrels for this one-off project. The basis for this beer was Mika Mekanik, a beer from the foreign legion series.

beernami schatkist - 100 Watt - Non_de_J

Non De Jus! BA Cognac

100 Watts |  8.8% BA Belgian Tripel

An edge bridging of duality: a powerful and refined blonde structure meets an airy delicacy. Its great taste brings together opposing forces in one composition. Sit back and relax for a while.


Volume: 650L

Kracht in de Nacht.png

Power In The Night

Grutte Pier  |  10% Russian Imperial Stout

A dark beer with flavors of roasted malts, liquorice, figs and raisins. When opening the bottle, the beer sees the light for the first time. The bottle is light-tight due to a painted matte layer and has been aged for 12 months in a cool location. In this period of reflection, the beer undergoes a taste evolution and develops its power. Glow-in-the-dark label.


Volume: 1000L


Ms. Bar Lee

Eleven Brewery X ROTT. brewers  |  12% Barleywine aged on Buffalo Trace

She's rough, she's tough, she's elegant, she's sweet, she's the only woman Mr. Bar Lee can tame, She's a femme fatale. First there was Mr. Bar Lee. A barley hit of 13%. How are you going to top that we wondered? That's right, a thick, fat barley wine matured in fresh Buffalo Trace barrels. You have to wait several months, but she is there. This beer was brewed on the birthday of the Eleven brewer and bottled on the birthday of the ROTT brewer. Brewers. Watch the movie .

beernami schatkist - Halve Tamme - 6th A

6th Anniversary Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Half Tamme  |  11% Imperial Stout aged on Aberlour Whiskey Barrels

To celebrate the brewery's 6th anniversary, we'd like to treat you to this banger of a barrel aged Imperial Stout with toasted coconut. Great flavors, the Aberlour Whiskey cask is very present (aged for 13 months).


Volume: 200L


RIBACS 2017 Strathisla '07

Crooked Spider  |  12.25% BA Russian Imperial Stout

RIBACS is short for Russian Imperial Barrel Aged Christmas Stout - a beer brewed once a year, between Christmas and New Year's Eve. This has been an annual tradition since 2014, brewing a super heavy pitch black beer. In 2017 we used 5 different barrels. All these distillates are bottled single cask, which is the immediate reason that we do not blend the casks, but also release them as single casks.

Stratishla is Scotland's oldest distillery which has always produced. The pots are in Keith, in the Speyside.


Volume: 250L

vdStreek RUMBA.png


VandeStreek Beer  |  10.2% Red Ale aged on Rum Barrels

The Rumba is a sensational dance - just like this beer. The red ale is aged in 7 year old Jamaican rum casks. The original spicy red ale flavors dance with the rum.


Volume: 250L

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