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"Back To Work" Specials

To help you get used to being back in the office, here's how you can make Friday drinks more special.

Variety vrijmibo
24 different Dutch craft beer + 2 bonus
For small teams, so everyone can taste each beer in a few sessions

Taste everything
3 sets x 8 different Dutch craft beer
For bigger teams, so that everyone can taste every beer in one session

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Prices are inclusive of BTW.


From 24 beers

Beernami for Business





Promotional gifts

Christmas gift packages

And many other possbilities

Every week you work hard towards that one moment: The seemingly never-ending work is finally done, your desk is clear and you've made a plan for next week. After such a productive week, you know exactly what time it is. Time for the Friday afternoon drinks!

With a Beernami business plan, every drinks session is a lot more surprising and delightful. Enjoy new tastes and diverse styles of seasonal, special or one-off craft beers together with your co-workers. Team drinks are finally fun again.

Choose from a subscription plan or just a single delivery. Have a special request? Write to


Why Beernami for Business?

If you take your drinks seriously

(but not yourself)


We pick great craft beers for you

so you can work harder

Cheaper than all of you going to the bar