Frequently asked questions

When will my beer be delivered?

If you order a Wave that is already released, we will send it as soon as possible the next working day. For upcoming waves, at the beginning of every month, your beer arrives fresh from the brewery. We assemble the box as quickly as possible and then it is on its way to you. It can therefore differ by a day or two, but basically the start of the following month.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

That depends on when you become a member or you order the box. If you order just before the wave ends, you'd be holding it almost in no time. Otherwise, you can expect it right after the next wave ends (this can take up to a month).

Can I indicate my preference for a certain style or brewery?

Not yet, but maybe in the future. Tell us in any case if you would like this, then we have some indication of interest. Email: Facebook: BeernamiNL Instagram: beernaminl

Can I order from outside of The Netherlands?

We currently deliver in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. If you have a special request, drop us a line to see what is possible. We can also then let you know when Beernami is available in your country. Email: Facebook: BeernamiNL Instagram: beernaminl

Can I pause my subscription when I go on vacation?

Yes of course! You can cancel your subscription and sign up again afterwards. Otherwise, you can also chat with us or let us know via to send your box on another day.

Where can I manage my subscription and personal settings?

Head over to your ¡ Beernamigo Account ! Got an issue? Let us know through the chat or mail us at We're happy to help :D