Ultra Wave

🎉 Een speciale uitvoering van onze maandelijkse Beernami box, met maar liefst 24 verschillende bieren er in! 

De gebruikelijke Beernami Waves bevatten 10 bier, maar deze variant met 24 bier is extra groot voor nieuwe leden die ons via Untappd hebben gevonden.

Welke bieren zitten er in?
Dat is een verrassing maar het is de kwaliteit die je van ons gewend bent. Bekijk onze Waves op Untappd


Beernami Maandelijk
Bekijk ook ons abonnement om maandelijks nieuw bier te ontvangen!

Note: Bier in de foto is slechts een impressie geen garantie dat exact deze bieren in de box zitten.


It will be a surprice what's in your Ultra Wave, but you can expect some of the following beers:

Cosmic DDH IPA <<Happy Birthday, Stay Strong!>> IPA - American


Utrecht, Utrecht

Keeping their chin up after the recent loss of their biercafe to an unfortunate fire, we are celebrating Oproer's 5th birthday with their latest release: Cosmic. This West Coast style double dry-hopped (DDH) IPA contains cosmic amounts of hops, making it not only nice and dry and bitter but also super fruity and drinkable. Extremely tasty. Staff pick: Olaf's


Andermaal <<Ultra Fresh!! Drink First>> Yellow Sub Blond

30 IBU


Alkmaar, Noord-Holland

A surprising beer brewed with the rather special German hop "Yellow Sub" which gives the beer a soft aroma of sweet orange and blackberries. Eenmaal, andermaal! (Once, and once more!) Keep it coming we say.


Kayserops <<New Series' First>> Kellerbier / Zwickelbier

De Kromme Haring

Utrecht, Utrecht

Ushering in 2021 with a big bang: De Kromme Haring presents their new Cambrian Series. 541 million years ago, the Cambrian explosion created (maritime) life as we know it today. The Cambrian Series is where their most creative experiments, one-offs and collaborations explode. Kicking things off with a bang is Kayserops - a kellerbier. Unfiltered, crisp and refreshing; a good and honest lager.


Struikrover (Nitro) Nitro Stout

35 IBU Bruut Bier

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

A smooth dry-hopped nitro stout - dark as coffee, full of mocha and chocolate flavours that come from no less than six different types of roasted malt and aromas of forest fruit (blackcurrant). Nitrogen gives it a nice creamy head and a full body.


Scheepsbok Bock - Single / Traditional


Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Bottom-fermented autumn stock from Amsterdam soil. An accessible beer with hints of caramel, cinnamon and, did you say Jamaican peppers?


Aruspex Burton Ale

Butcher’s Tears

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Fueled by five varieties of hops and a blend of floor-malted British barley, this strong Burton Ale (an absolute classic among the great British beer types) was cold-stored for over six months and delivers an eccentric yet sublime experience.


Dew Trip IPA - Imperial / Double New England

Moersleutel Craft Brewery

Alkmaar, Noord-Holland

This beautiful opaque New England IPA bears a fresh and fruity scent. Taste orange, mango and papaya with a slightly bitter finish. 


Hooglander Imperial Porter Porter - Imperial / Double

60 IBU Hooglander Bier

Aarle-Rixtel, Noord-Brabant

Powerful and extraordinarily intense. The roasted malt flavors, rich caramel notes and robust bitterness bombard your taste buds. 


Multiplex Belgian Tripel

De Natte Gijt

Weert, Limburg

Spicy yeast, wood, notes of vanilla. Firm and sweet, malt bitter. 


Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake Stout - Imperial / Double Pastry

Blitz Brewing Co.

Alkmaar, Noord-Holland

Early January, Blitz's latest creation; Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake. An imperial patisserie stout, with tons of cocoa nibs, raspberry and a little lactose. 


New England IPA >>FRESH<< NEIPA


Aarle-Rixtel, Noord-Brabant

An intriguing and misty appearance. The passing tornado of hoppiness leaves a tropical bouquet of hops. Juicy, fruity and intense. 


1841 Märzen


Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Bierverbond specialises in making craft lagers (a rising trend). Only. A conscious choice, because lagers are beers with character. Subtle, very introverted, slightly subdued. 


Monsieur Martin - Pornstar Martini Blonde Blonde Ale

Big Belly

Breda, Noord-Brabant

Their take on the hottest cocktail of the moment, the Pornstar Martini. A delicious creamy “blond beer” with passion fruit, a subtle hint of vanilla and some acidity from lime juice to balance everything out. 


Namazu Stout - Other

Poesiat & Kater x De Kromme Haring

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Namazu - a giant Catfish from Japanese Mythology responsible for creating earthquakes when it threshes about. 


Heimdall Imperial Rye Bock Bock - Doppelbock


Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

This extra strong bock has a full flavour. Tones of chocolate, toffee, caramel and dried fruit surface easily. Very hoppy, yet very comfortable tasting, giving way eventually to a grilled and bitter aftertaste.


Quadrupel Belgian Quadrupel

Delftse Brouwers

Delft, Zuid-Holland

A heavy traditional top-fermented beer that is seductively spicy, powerful, full and sweet. Brewer John Brus has been brewing his own beers before the craft beer revolution in the Netherlands. 


Gerstewijn Is Fijn Barleywine - American

D'n Draok

's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant

This batch is filled in an elegant Champegnoise bottle, perfectly matching this beautiful complex and enjoyable beer. 


Campfire Stout Stout - Imperial / Double Pastry

Rock City x Eleven

Amersfoort, Utrecht

A big pastry stout, brewed with home-smoked malts and marshmallows. A real treat. 


Cold Dark Matter IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale


Houten, Utrecht

Pairs well with hearty autumn dishes. Taste tropical fruit, citrus notes and even some sage from the Equinox hops, on top of roasted flavours such as chocolate and coffee from the malt. Combines well with a hearty pie, spare ribs, steak from the grill, a cheese burger or stir-fried shrimp. 


Hop Tales <<FRESH>> India Pale Lager

Eleven Brewery x Hommeles

Utrecht, Utrecht

Brewed from hops grown by Hommeles, this collaboration brew is a Fresh Hops Beer, brewed one day after the harvest! 

Ultra Wave

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  • Wij verpakken je bieren zo goed mogelijk. Mocht er onderweg iets misgaan, maak foto's van de buitenkant van de doos en de inhoud ervan en laat het ons dan zo snel mogelijk weten. Vervolgens nemen wij contact op met de bezorgdienst en zorgen dat het goed komt. De bieren retourneren is niet mogelijk, bedankt voor uw begrip!

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